The Akwesasne Rights and Research Office is looking back at 35 years of service!


The Akwesasne Rights and Research Office (ARRO) started in 1989 as the Akwesasne Land Claims Office to provide technical support and research for land claims filed against the Canadian Government. The office was renamed to the Aboriginal Rights and Research Office (now Akwesasne Rights and Research Office) in 1997 when their responsibilities expanded from land claim and constitutional rights to Governance, Indigenous and Treaty Rights, and Archaeology. This included creating the Cultural Properties Protocol to protect cultural sites and artifacts, partaking in the return of the Akwesasne Wolf Belt, and participating in the Akwesasne History Summit.


ARRO works in collaboration with other Indigenous organizations for various research projects, provides archaeological support for test sites, research support for scholars and academics interested in Akwesasne’s unique history, and promotes learning about Indigenous history in the community.


As ARRO looks to the future, we say niawenhkó:wa to our community within Akwesasne and beyond and remain dedicated to our work in preserving Akwesasne’s history.