The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is currently exploring options for emergency services facilities in the district of Tsi Snaihne and the community’s input is being sought.


The Hogansburg-Akwesasne Volunteer Fire Department Station #3, located at 1320 River Road in the district of Tsi Snaihne, is in need of upgrade or replacement. MCA is exploring the options available and would like to hear from the community!



Please visit to complete the survey and enter for a chance to win a gift card. The online survey asks the following questions:


“If MCA is going to proceed with a new building development, what type of building do you support?”


Option 1: Are you in favor of the design and construction of a new building specifically tailored to meet the space needs of HAVFD Fire Station #3?

This option supports the potential establishment of a dedicated facility tailored specifically for the HAVFD. Designs have been completed, envisioning an 8-bay garage alongside meeting rooms, a day room with a kitchen, a fitness area, bunk accommodations, storage spaces, dispatch facilities, offices, lockers, laundry facilities, and shower areas. Additionally, plans include the incorporation of a training tower on the premises. The building area is approximately 16,135 square feet.


Option 2: Are you in favor of the design and construction of a new emergency services facility that encompasses HAVFD Fire Station #3 along with other emergency service programs? (Note: This will be designed as separate services divided by sections of the building.)

This option supports the potential construction of a new facility to house the HAVFD alongside other essential emergency services, such as ambulance and police units. The fire department would occupy one section of the building, complete with dedicated amenities, while the other section would feature shared bays for ambulance and police services, each with their own distinctive features. The proposed buildings will span two floors, with on-site parking and separate entrance/exit routes for added convenience and efficiency. Additionally, plans include the redesign of the Snye Recreation parking lot to accommodate the needs of its new neighbor. The building area is approximately 20,624 square feet.


Both projects present a unique opportunity for the development of vital emergency services, catering to the needs of both present and future residents. Its scope extends beyond the boundaries of our Tsi Snaihne district, with the capacity to provide assistance to the Kan:atakon and Kawehno:ke districts, as well as other neighboring communities.


SURVEY DEADLINE: June 21, 2024


For more information on this project, please contact the Department of Infrastructure, Housing & Environment at 613-575-2250 ext. 1003.