Community & Social Services

Tetewate’n:ro ta’non ska’niko’n:ra ke’n hak
(Let’s be partners and use one mind)

The Department of Community & Social Services (DCSS) provides services in a family-focused, integrated and coordinated manner that is consistent with, works with and reinforces the traditional, informal patterns of sharing, caring and healing in the extended family and community; that is least-intrusive, non-judgmental and respectful of the individual and family in need; that supports the healing and strengthening of individuals and families and avoids the creation of dependencies on the Department and its programs.

Akwesasne Family Wellness Program

The mission of Iethinisten:ha is to provide emergency and long term safe housing for victims of domestic violence, abusive situations, self harm and high risk behaviors. The mandate of the program is to provide educational healing services to women, men and children. There is a separate residential house for males who are victims of domestic violence or self- abuse.


  • 16-week Residential Program for Women, Men & children
  • 24-Hour Crisis Line & on-site support
  • Outreach Services
  • Education & Support Groups
  • Transitional Housing program


  • 9 Staff
  • As of 2014/15: 67 Crisis Calls
  • 25 Residents, 5 children
  • 78 Prevention Activities; with 4,300 participants

DCSS Administration Initiatives

DCSS Administration strives to promote self-determination; the sustainability of our services, pro-grams and staff; the movement toward modernization; and to build capacity and well-being of our staff.

  • To continue to work in collaboration with MCA departments and programs on the development and promotion of a healthy community.
  • To increase awareness and services to clients that fosters wellness, healthy lifestyles and positive, drug-free activities.
  • To continue to collaborate and build partnerships that support and sustain the development of quality services and programs within DCSS.
  • To improve DCSS strategy and increase services in addressing the basic needs of children and
  • To continue to implement and emphasize on improving the capacity and wellness

Ionkwanonhsasetsi Adolescent Treatment Center (IATC)

The Ionkwanonhsasetsi Adolescent Treatment Center (IATC) provide as multi-disciplinary drug and alcohol treatment service with an integrated case management component. The IATC program provides an intensive rehabilitative service for adolescents based on Mohawk culture and traditional practices and the 12-step model.

  • 12 Staff
  • 2 Casuals
  • 30 Clients per year
  • Since 2001 the clientele has risen 70% from 21 clients per year to 30 clients per year.
  • The facility has created partnerships with the Quebec Cree Board of Health to generate additional revenue to operate and function.

Akwesasne Child Care

To provide early learning opportunities to enhance growth and development in Akwesasne’s children.

Strategic Goals:

  • Focus on best practices
  • To be culturally responsible in our daily practices
  • To advocate for families and improve service delivery
  • To market departmental programs and services
  • Health & wellness of staff
  • To promote protection of the environment


  • 3 district childcare centers
  • Inclusion of special needs children program & services
  • Mohawk Language — Tota Program Resource and Networking to assist other First Nations programs


  • Average Daily enrollment 87 children; ages 3 mo.—6 yrs.139 Families served Annually
  • Assisted 6 Special Needs children
  • Nipissing Developmental Screens completed: 79


  • 30 Full –time Staff
  • 11 Supply Staff
  • 6 Totas

Community Support Program

To provide financial assistance for basic and related needs and to promote self-sufficiency through education or employment.


  • Social assistance
  • Disability
  • Temporary Care
  • Education/Employment Assistance


  • 8 staff
  • 432 active files with 821 individuals served.

Akwesasne Child and Family Services

Mission Statement: We care, trust and believe in the strength of Akwesasne.

As a child protection agency, we are commit-ted to promote the best interests, protection and well-being of children.


  • Child protection services
  • Family support services
  • Traditional support services
  • Community prevention and education services
  • Foster care services
  • 24-hour on-call services
  • Referral & advocacy


  • 40 full-time staff
  • As of 2014/15:
  • 354 prevention activities offered which served 10,047 participants
  • 55 child protection files
  • 10 YCJA clients
  • 27 children in care
  • 22 foster homes opened