Akwesasne Broadband Initiative Survey

Onerahtokha/    April 5, 2017 

A 2015 Economic Study indicates that the economic leakage rate for Akwesasne is 76% meaning that 76% of the community's economy is spent outside the community. A 2015 Labor Market Information Study indicates that the unemployment rate in our Akwesasne community is 22% and that 2,500 youth will be entering the workforce in the next 10 years. A 2012 Broadband Feasibility Study indicated that a fiber-­‐optic broadband system in Akwesasne is feasible and that 85% respondents to a marketing survey supported the creation of a Mohawk Telecommunications company to deliver Internet services to Akwesasne. A spring 2016 Comprehensive Community Plan indicated community members desire  to  see  fiber-­‐  optic  broadband  brought  to  homes  and  businesses  in  the  community.  

A summer 2016 feasibility study done by Bell Canada of the Akwesasne community to upgrade and provide fiber optic broadband services resulted in denial by Bell Canada to proceed due to the high cost of running submarine fiber cable in the river and the time delays getting permits.           

An Akwesasne based fiber optic broadband system is expected to have numerous benefits. It will help address economic leakage. It is expected to lead to as much as a 5% economic growth in the community. It is expected to lead to direct and indirect employment in the community. It is expected to lead to distance learning opportunities, the delivery of tele-­‐ medicine,  support  for  creating  a  micro-­‐grid   electric  utility  and  smart  metering,  and improvements to telecommunication within the community.      

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