REMINDER: Slow Down When Driving In Kana:takon


 The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is reminding the community and public to drive with care in the village of Kana:takon (St. Regis). It continues to be noted that drivers are speeding and driving without regard for the public or pedestrians, especially at the entrance to the village and high-traffic areas.


MCA would like to remind all drivers that the speed limit in the village is 40 kmh.  Houses in the village are close together and close to the streets, making visibility difficult for both drivers and pedestrians.  As summer weather is finally upon us, more people are spending time outdoors walking and biking and without sidewalks drivers must use extra caution to drive safely.  Drivers are also reminded to be careful when traveling in the vicinity of the Kana:takon School where children are being picked up, dropped off and are playing in the schoolyard. 


Please practice safe and responsible driving to ensure the safety of all.