November is World Diabetes Month, and to help raise awareness of the epidemic of diabetes, MCA's Community Health Program hosted the Akwesasne Amazing Race today in the village of Kana:takon.

Teams raced on foot from pit stop to pit stop around the village, answering clues and riddles related to diabetes. The race promoted physical activity as one way to help prevent the disease.

The race was exciting to the last minute with the first two teams alternating in who was in the lead. The teams arrived back to the St. Regis Recreation to ring the bell and celebrate their finish. All participants received prizes for completing the race, and the winning team won a family tubing pass to Titus Mountain.

MCA would like to thank all those who participated, organized and attended the event.

Congrats to the winners!

1st Place - Amanda Jacobs, Erin Oakes, Harper Oakes         
2nd Place - Carrie Caldwell, Angie Caldwell and Rahhsehere Caldwell     
3rd Place - Lorrie Caldwell & Son            
4th Place - Marlene Diabo, Sara Oakes & Zoe Bonaparte    
5th Place - Wendy Thompson, Viola Thompson and Roger Thompson