The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, through the Department of Technical Services, wishes to extend a ‘Thank You’ and give recognition to the Akwesasne Community Trust Fund.

The Trust partially funded this year’s Community Domestic Household Solid Waste Collection Program in the amount of $125,000.00.


With the approved funding, MCA’s free Solid Waste Collection Program was able to ensure a clean and safe environment for over 1500 residential homes and some 60 community owned business and services within the three districts of Kawehno:ke, Kana:takon and Tsi Sniahne.


The Department of Technical Services wishes to emphasize its appreciation for the Trust’s recognition of a funding need that is beneficial to the entire community.  While waste collection is a paid service in surrounding towns, DTS is grateful to continue providing this service for free, thanks in large part to the Trust’s recognition of the waste program’s importance and overall positive impact on the community and residents.


Nia:wen kowa to the Community Trust, on behalf of MCA, DTS, and the community. We look forward to seeing the continued benefits of the Trust’s funding of community programming.




The MCA Department of Technical Services Solid Waste Program