Transport Canada has launched a comprehensive review of the St. Lawrence Seaway, to consider how best to plan for the Seaway’s continued role in North America’s transportation system.  As part of the review process, Transport Canada will be conducting a community engagement session in Akwesasne on February 1, 2018 to hear feedback regarding the St. Lawrence Seaway and the role it plays in local communities, the economy, and the transportation system.

Transport Canada will:

  • consider how best to position the Seaway so it remains a critical part of North America’s multi-modal transportation system, supporting the local, regional and national economy;
  • determine its greatest contribution as a key trade and transportation corridor; and
  • provide strategic considerations for continuing the success of a productive, safe and reliable waterway in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manner.


Transport Canada is seeking feedback on three particular areas that are the theme of the review:

  1. Commercial and economic development
  2. Long -term competitiveness and sustainability
  3. Governance, funding and service delivery model


The Seaway review themes align directly with Transportation 2030 priorities. Launched in 2016, Transportation 2030 is a vision for Canada’s transportation system to position it to contribute directly to economic growth for the middle class, support trade and protect the environment. Realizing the full economic potential of Canada’s waterways and coasts, including the Great Lakes and the Seaway, is an important component of Transportation 2030. You can learn more about Transportation 2030 online, at


Akwesasne consultation meeting is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC | February 1, 2018 | 6 PM | Kana:takon Recreation Centre.