Shekon Sewakwekon~Greetings. We have a small organic farm and are in need of a little help. We need to increase our output of traditional varieties of  corn beans and squash as well as many other veggies, berries, and tree fruits to assist in the Freedom Schools hot lunch program. We are also revitalizing our traditional seed bank, and educating our students through hands on learning activities in the garden and in the kitchen( in the mohawk language). We have plenty of space to accomplish this as the grounds have been worked for many years but to reach our goals we are in need of equipment. We currently have access to a BCS walk-behind tractor with 3 attachments. We chose the walk-behind to decrease our carbon footprint and for its versatility, as many attachments can be implemented. The attachments needed are - a power harrow ($2300)
will aid in preparing seed beds, while minimally disturbing soil structure. The rotary plow ($1440) will aid in swaling for more efficient irriagation which will  improve soil quality, and to create raised beds for sustainable continued use.  The utility trailer($1270) is needed for moving materials,  equipment and tools around the grounds . Your help will empower us to be more self-sufficient and less dependant on larger fossil-fuel equipment all the while maintaining a healthy reciprocal relationship with the land.   

The inspired future generations of knowledgeable kanien'kehaka gardeners will be very appreciative of your help.           
Niawenhkowa~Thank you very much!

GO FUND ME LINK: https://www.gofundme.com/afsfarm