Heritage Forest

Heritage Forest was put  in place to identify, protect and manage our cultural significant trees  and Haudenosaunee seeds  for generations to come. Some of the ongoing projects: 

Sugar Maple Project

Maple Sugar Project is an educational tool for teaching local students on the cultural significance of maple syrup.

To improve the community of Akwesasne’s lifestyles and health the Annual Tree and Seeds are given away.   Not only is organic seeds  and open pollinated  are given away but our Heritage Haudenosaunee seed are given to  community of Akwesasne in hopes to preserve our seeds for generations to come.  

The trees are given away to encourage the important of  planting the trees  for the future generation and  to help  clean the  air  we  breathe, prevent soil erosion, act as windbreaks,  provide shade and shelter for wildlife and to  make Akwesasne  beautiful.

Tree Assessment is ongoing and done to preserve and protect our tree in Akwesasne as our responsibility to the trees.

Fruit Tree Pruning and Maintenance

To promote sustainable forestry we hold a Fruit Tree Pruning and Maintenance Workshop in the late winter or early spring while the trees are dormant and the temperature stays below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

These consist of learning how to prune fruit trees, tool maintenance and disease prevention.

This is done in hopes to restore our native fruit trees and to provide a healthy food source. 

These are some of the projects that are on going and annual event.