Community Health Nurses

What kind of services do you offer:

We offer such programs as prenatal classes, immunization, confidential HIV testing and counseling, diabetes teaching, smoking cessation programs, prenatal food vouchers, FASD teaching, counseling and diagnostic clinics, water testing, environmental assessment for mould, air quality information on sanitation, home visiting for chronic diseases, pre and post natals, elderly and health teaching in schools and the community on health promotion and disease prevention. Pandemic planning and infection control in the community. We also offer assistance with Quebec health insurance applications. We can assist you with nutrition counseling to better your health.

What do I do:

Call us and the receptionist will direct your call depending on what you want assistance with and who you will need to speak with.

Where do I go:

Go to St. Regis village and turn left on First Street, go up the hill, take the first left on Hill Top Drive, continue straight to the Kanonhkwatsheri:io Health Facility, parking in the front of the building, go to the second floor community health office. Our building is located just before the CKON Radio Station.

Kanonhkwat’sheri:io Health Facility
31 Hilltop Drive, St. Regis, QC H0M-1A0
Phone: (613) 575-2341 Ext. 3219
Fax: (613) 575-1152
Open: 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday