Iakhihsohtha Home for the Elderly

Mission Statement

“Iakhihsohtha Lodge contributes to improving the quality of life of adults, elders and families by delivering programs and services to sustain their health, social, cultural and life enrichment needs.  We deliver services in a warm and caring, fun and safe, home-like environment. We are committed to working cooperatively and professionally to fulfill the diverse needs of our Mohawk people, our partners and regulatory bodies.”

Department of Health Vision Statement

“We see future generations of Akwesasronon living in a health community, balanced in Body, Mind & Spirit. The Department of Health provides opportunities for Akwesasronon to make responsible health choices towards improvement of their own quality of life through the professionalism and services of the Department of Health”.

Program Description

Iakhihsohtha Lodge (1990) located in the Snye District is owned by MCA and operated by the Department of Health. Iakhihsohtha was built as a residential care facility equipped to provide supervisory care for those requiring nursing, nutritional, social and recreational activities in a safe and secure environment. In response to a community survey in 2008, Iakhihsohtha Lodge opened a new service branch named “Ratinatare” Outreach DAY services.  The purpose of the DAY program is to provide its’ participants with an opportunity to socialize with their peers and attend functions outside their homes, especially beneficial to those isolated or lonely. “Ratinatare” in our Mohawk language means “our Visitors” and symbolizes the types of clients who come to the Lodge to access the DAY services we offer.   

Services Offered

Iakhihsohtha Lodge offers two main types of services:

  1. Residential Care and Short Stay Services (Extended Care)     
  2. RATINATARE “Our Visitors” Outreach DAY Services

Information Available:

Application Package; Resident Handbook; Tota Newsletter; Iakhihsohtha Lodge Brochure.
Residential Care and Short Stay Services (Extended Care)

Eligibility for Services

Services for Residential and Short Stay services are available to those with a Certificate of Indian Status; priority placement remains with members from Akwesasne; those from other First Nation communities are welcome to apply. 

Process for Admission

The process for Admission to Residential Care or Short Stay services is the same.  If you are currently a Home Care/Home Support services client, the Medical Social Worker can provide assistance upon request to complete the application.

For those interested in residency at the Lodge, complete an Application Package, enclose all relevant documents requested and return the application to the Lodge. Vital documents required include the following - Canadian Social Insurance Card (SIN), Certificate of Indian Status, and a true copy of their Birth Certificate, required for the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (QHIP) application. Once received, the Application will be reviewed and a medical assessment performed to determine client suitability for services provided by the Lodge. Upon approval for admission, the applicant will be welcomed as a resident and a residency contract will be signed with the Applicant or their personal representative.

Service Information

Residential Care

This service is referred to as “long term care” due to the extended length of residency which is normally longer than 30 days.   

Iakhihsohtha Lodge provides residential care in a secure environment designed for adults or frail elderly who due to increased health and safety risks are not able to manage their own care or live independently. Residents receive the availability of 24 hour supervision, medical and professional nursing care. Services include assistance with personal care needs, medication administration, special diets or meals, housekeeping and laundry, recreational, social programming and night checks.

Applicable Rates for Residential Care Services – long term care   

Each client pays a monthly co-payment fee for residency.  The provincial rate is $118.53 per day for residency.  This rate can be reduced based on the income available to applicant.  Long Term Care residents are eligible for a Personal Needs Allowance issued at the start of each month.   

Contact person(s):

Janice Sharrow, RN, Director of Care, (613)575-2507, ext. 8
Email: janice.sharrow@akwesasne.ca

Patti Adiaconitei, Program Manager, (613) 575-2507, ext. 3
Email: patti.adiaconitei@akwesasne.ca  

Short Stay Services (Extended Care) 

Short Stay Services also known as “Extended Care”, are initiatives designed to provide nursing care on a short term basis to persons expected to return home. The following is a description of the different types of short stay services  offered by the Lodge;   

The Supportive Care Program is designed to provide an environment for persons to recover strength, endurance and functioning so they can continue to live independently at home.  

The Respite Care Program is designed to provide relief to Caregivers who are caring for disabled or chronically ill family members or friends in their homes.

Palliative Care services provide pain management, symptom management, social, psychological, emotional & spiritual support for the client and their family’. The Lodge has a designated room within the facility to accommodate the family unit in a comfortable, quiet, private space within a supportive environment.  

Applicable Rates for Residential Care Services - short stay services

Each client pays a standard daily fee of $48.69 per day.


Contact person(s):

Janice Sharrow, RN, Director of Care, (613)575-2507, ext. 8;  Email: janice.sharrow@akwesasne.ca

Patti Adiaconitei, Program Manager, (613) 575-2507, ext. 3;  Email: patti.adiaconitei@akwesasne.ca


RATINATARE “Our Visitors” Outreach DAY Services

Eligibility for Services

Iakhihsohtha Lodge offers several services through its Outreach DAY programming, available weekdays and open to any community member interested in participating.  Clients interested in Meals on Wheels services are advised to contact Home Care/Home Support Program which manages the application and assessment process for community clients.   

Information about Services

The Iakhihsohtha Lodge Recreation and Leisure department publishes a monthly Calendar of Events for Ratinatare DAY Programs in the Tota Newsletter and the Indian Times newspaper.  A copy of the Calendar of Events can also be sent to you electronically by request. We offer a smoke free environment with Parking on site. Snacks and refreshments are available upon request.  Notice of attendance is appreciated at least one day in advance of the event.  


Transportation to and from the Lodge is available on our handicap equipped bus to those residing in St. Regis and Snye.  Transportation arrangements must be pre-arranged with at least two days advance notice.    

Service Information

Health & Wellness DAY Services  

The Health & Wellness DAY Program offers services that focus on prevention and remediation.  The Program is intended to offer additional avenues especially for seniors residing in Snye and St. Regis to access health information and personal care services that focus on prevention and remediation.

Clients continue to see their own doctors, dentists or professionals outside the program. 

How to Participate:

Contact person(s):

To Book an Appointment:

Nurse in Charge, (613) 575-2507, ext. 1:

Services:  Foot Care Services, Massage Therapy, Wills/ Power of Attorney, Health information, Dental checkups, Medical Social Worker. 

Senior DAY Services

The Senior DAY Program offers daily and weekly activities and social events in a safe and caring environment.  The goal of the program is to maintain or increase the level of independence of participants and prevent or delay the need for residential care.

The Senior DAY Program offers group activities in a fun, engaging, social atmosphere.  If your family member is mobile and looking for stimulating social interaction, why not try the Senior Day Program.

How to Participate:

Contact person: 

Jamie Ross, Activity Coordinator, (613) 575-2507, ext. 3

Email: Jamie.Ross@akwesasne.ca

Services: Social & recreational activities, Exercise programs, Organized Bus trips.

Congregate Dining Program

The Congregate Dining Program offers daily meal service seven days a week, transportation, (if required) with attention paid to the special dietary needs of clients in attendance.  All menu plans are approved by a registered Dietician.

The Diner’s Club Event is a monthly themed special event planned by the Dietary Department in collaboration with the Activity Department. This is our special event held on the last Wednesday of the month.   

How to Participate:

Contact person (s)To Reserve a Seat

Nurse in Charge, (613) 575-2507, ext. 1:

Dave Oakes, Food Service Supervisor, (613) 575-2507, ext. 2.

Email: dave.oakes@akwesasne.ca

Congregate Dining Services: Daily meal services for Breakfast-7:30am; Lunch-12:00pm, Dinner-5:00pm.

Diner’s Club Services: Full course luncheon surrounded by themed décor.

Meals on Wheels – Wheels to Meals

This is a new addition to our service menu and provides a nutritious meal delivered to clients on a weekly schedule.  Iakhihsohtha Lodge coordinates food preparation, packaging and food delivery to the client homes.     

Applications for services are managed by Home Care Home Support. 

How to Participate:

Contact person(s): 

Client assessment & service approval: 

Joan Cook, Home Care Supervisor, (613) 936-1508, ext. 1067
Email:  joan.cook@akwesasne.ca

Meal delivery or packaging issues:

Dave Oakes, Food Service Supervisor, (613) 575-2507, ext. 2

Services: Meal prepared based on an approved seasonal menu plan, snacks & refreshments included, delivery to the  client’s home.  


Iakhihsohtha Facility (our grandparents’ home)

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