Swimming Advisory Lifted For Lazore's Beach

Seskeha/August 7, 2015

To ensure that you and your family have a safe and healthy swimming experience, the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Community Health Program has been conducting weekly water sampling of Akwesasne’s public swimming beaches. The beaches will be monitored throughout the summer season until August 30, 2015.

Based on recent water samples and the Beach Management Protocol Standard, the Lazore’s Beach in Tsi Snaihne, as well as all other Akwesasne beaches, are presently considered safe for swimming as of August 6, 2015.  The no-swimming advisory for Lazore’s Beach is currently lifted.

Please note that the tests reflect the conditions at the time of sampling. Conditions change from day to day depending on the weather conditions and river levels.  Community Health will continue to monitor the bacteria/E.coli levels and will notify the community of any changes.

For more information, please contact: Environmental Health Officer Naeem Irshad or Community Health representative Allyson Lamesse at 613-575-2341 Ext. 3220.