Beautify Akwesasne Pilot Project

One of the many activities occurring under the Akwesasne Tourism Working Group is the Beautify Akwesasne Pilot Project.  The attractiveness of the community to tourists can be a key factor to encourage greater tourism visits.  In addition, a feeling of welcome and a positive first impression is extremely important.  The Beautify Akwesasne pilot project will not only improve the aesthetic and visual appearance of the community, but will also diversify and strengthen tourism as a source of economic development. 

Homeowners and businesses that are located along the high-traffic thoroughfares of Akwesasne; Cornwall Island Bridge corridor, State Route 37 and Saint Regis Road.

Interested land/business owners may submit an application to have their property improved:

  • The labor for the projects is included
  • The requestor need only supply any materials needed. 

Services include:

  • Basic litter cleanup and removal,
  • Basic landscaping,
  • Planting shrubs and flowers,
  • Painting fences,
  • Front of buildings,
  • Business signage
  • Graffiti removal.

The Native North American Traveling College and Akwesasne Area Management Board’s crew of six will be working at the homes and businesses within the Territory of Akwesasne along the locations identified. A list of Criteria, Application forms, and a Waiver are available for applicants interested in participating in this pilot project may contact Native North American Traveling College at (613)-932-9452.

About the Akwesasne Tourism Development Initiative:

The need to develop tourism in the Territory of Akwesasne was identified as a priority in the Akwesasne Comprehensive Community Development Plan (SRMT 2008) and in the Akwesasne Comprehensive Community Plan (MCA 2016). As a result, the Akwesasne Tourism Community Development Initiative was developed through the collaborative efforts of the following representatives that comprise the Akwesasne Tourism Working Group (ATWG): Native North American Travelling College (NNATC), Akwesasne Cultural Center & Museum (ACCM), Onkwehon:we Arts Council (OAC), Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs (MNCC), Akwesasne Area Management Board (AAMB), Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA), and Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (SRMT). The Akwesasne Tourism Working Group is guiding the identification and successful completion of several community tourism projects, events, plans and publications; including the Akwesasne Tourism Strategic Action Plan (ATSAP 2016) that contains several objectives being worked on by ATWG sub-groups.