MCA Not Developing Mega Distribution Center On Hamilton Island

Seskeha/ August 10, 2016

Several residents of Hamilton Island, Ontario notified the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) that individuals identifying themselves as 'the Seven Nations of Canada group' approached them, provided prepared handouts, and informed them that the MCA is working with Triwin to build a mega distribution center on Hamilton Island.

The reported information, as provided to Hamilton Island residents, is inaccurate and untrue.

Back in 2014 through 2015, the MCA informed the community, through Community Notices and Information Sessions, that exploratory discussions had been held with Triwin on the potential for economic development projects, but the continued exploration was not met with favorable review. On September 16, 2015 the Mohawk Council passed Mohawk Council Resolution 2015/2016 - #130 confirming that MCA would not be proceeding with any projects presented by Triwin or with signing a joint venture development agreement with that company.  

This information has been presented to the community through Community Notices, at General and District Meetings, and in Onkwe’ta:ke—the MCA Newsletter. Since the passing of MCR 2015/16 - #130, the MCA has not and will not pursue this venture.