Executive Services

The Executive Director

The senior manager of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is the Executive Director (E.D.) The mission of the E.D. is to operate an efficient, community-oriented service organization within political guidance, cultural propriety, legal requirements, and contractual obligation.

The Executive Director serves our community in many ways; by supporting Council in their protection of community interest. The Executive Director routinely meets with Council, officials of other First Nations, officials of national & regional levels of Canadian government and with business affiliates of Council. This means that the E.D. must remain vigilant for community or national trends that could impact on Council's work.

The Executive Director is the principal, non-political, manager for Council. She supervises Department Directors of Community & Social Services, Education, Economic Development, Environment, Health, Housing, Justice, Public Safety, and Technical Services. She meets with them individually regarding specific issues and collectively to plan, monitor, or evaluate MCA's management strategies.

The Executive Director works closely with the Core Advisors, who ensures that corporate administrative services meet the financial, human, operational and information support requirements of the direct community-service departments.

Programs and Services