LAST DAY for Election Law Survey

Kenténha/November 30, 2016




The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne would like to, once again, hear from you in regard to the amendments for the Akwesasne Election Law.


MCA recently passed MCR # 2015/2016-#111 establishing a Working Task Group to amend the Akwesasne Election Law, MCR #2005/2006-#192.  The Working Task Group meets weekly, and is currently reviewing past community survey results that pertain to elections for leadership.  This review process ensures that the amendments to the Akwesasne Election Law reflect the opinions expressed by the community.  


In a 2012 Akwesasne Governance Code Survey, some of the questions offered many options for an answer, which resulted in ‘near-ties’ and an overall result that did not give a clear indication of the preferred option. The Working Task Group is therefore requesting the community's input in theAkwesasne Election Law development by answering questions in a new and more concisely worded survey.


Community members can link to the survey from the MCA website or Facebook page, or by going directly to the survey link at:



Paper copies of the survey will also be available at district and general meetings in addition to the online survey.  Community members may also complete a survey in person at the MCA Admin 1 building in Kana:takon.  We kindly ask that you complete only one survey. 


The dates for survey data collection are from October 26, 2016 until November 30. 2016. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Executive Services at 613-575-2250 Ext. 2120.