Department Of Health

“One Organization, working together, for our Community “



“The Department of Health will proactively collaborate with Akwesasronon to provide high quality professional services that are mindful and respectful of culture, tradition and uniqueness of individuals and families
We continuously strengthen our professionalism and working environment in order to honor Akwesasne culture, commu-nity traditions, and uniqueness in the design and delivery of a continuum of coordinated, high quality health services.”



Together with the Program Managers, we hold the responsibility for twenty-five percent of MCA’s overall budget and almost 200 employees . With our Management Team , we ensure that Councils’ obligations regarding the contribution agreements with federal or provincial agencies are met for the benefit of our community. We talk frequently with various funding officials of First Nations Inuit Health, the Champlain Local Integrated Health Unit, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Strategy and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. We provide primary care with our physicians, nurse practitioners, in addition we have nurses, personal support workers, medical transportation drivers, and various health field workers. As well as meeting funding regulations, and applicable legislation that pertain to our clinics, mental health, prevention programs, and public health services, we must also know and react properly to the ongoing day to day operational situations that may occur at any given time within a program. The Department of Health has held Accreditation since 2005, every cycle we strive to improve and set Quality Standards across the board in meeting or exceeding their expectations. We meet Executive Director requirements for Operating Plans, Financial Variance Reporting, Human Resource Issues, Fleet Management Reports, Business Cases, Monthly and Annual Reporting. We meet monthly with Akwesasne Health Advisory Board, Health Portfolio, Program Managers and Executive Director.



The Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance (AMA) is a Basic Life support ambulance service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, employing 12 staff on 2 –12 hour shifts. AMA is currently applying for Advanced Life Support status which will allow AMA to bring the highest level of EMS care to Akwesasne by Akwesasronon. AMA currently employs 3 Critical Care level technicians and 1 Paramedic . When ALS level service Akwesasne will not have to wait for ALS service from non natives.



The ANIHB Program is a benefit program based on the 1979 Indian Health Policy, the 1997 NIHB Renewed Mandate, and the Health Canada/MCA Transfer Agreement of 1995. The program provides a range of health benefits to meet medical or dental needs not covered by provincial or other third party health plans. These ben-efits and services complement provincially insured health care programs such as doctors’ visits, diagnostic tests and hospital services. The ANIHB program is not a substitute for provincial health plan coverage. A valid Health card and status number are required for all services available.



The Community Health program provides a wide range of public health services to the Community of Akwesasne. Services include: infection prevention and control, environmental health, maternal child health, diabetes prevention, diabetes management, smoking cessation, falls prevention education, communicable disease services, and vaccine preventable disease services. The Community Health program works with a variety of partners in order to help create healthier future generations.


The Home Care Program provides in-home nursing care visits for clients who are referred by a physician with specific needs and for post-operative patients who require continued care when released from hospitals. Medical nursing treatments require a physician’s order. The nursing medical treatment provide a range of services from Intravenous therapy, wound management, palliative care, etc. Nursing visits per client can range from monthly to twice daily, according to the needs assessed. The Home Support Program assists people whose capabilities are diminished due to acute or chronic conditions. Program personnel assist with activities of daily living such as personal care, meal preparation, grocery shopping, housekeeping, and assist with medical appointments. Family support and the promotion of independence are strongly encouraged.



Iakhihsohtha Lodge opened its doors in the winter of 1990. Our facility has 20 Long Term Care beds and 8 Respite Care beds and 1 Palliative Care Room. Iakhihsohtha provides a safe, clean, pleasant and home-like environment for our Mohawk Elders in need of long term care services. We provide residents with nursing care, dietary, housekeeping and laundry services and a variety of programming activities aimed at stimulating their social, emotional, physical and mental well being. In keeping with our community’s values, culture and belief system as a Mohawk Community respect and dignity for all our Elders. In compliance with funding and licensing agreements, the Lodge will admit only those applicants who have native status certificates and through assessment been determined we can properly care for the applicant. Generally, these are applicants who require a minimum level of supervisory care.


Tsiionkwanonhso:te continues to strive to provide quality care to our residents and their families. We are a 50 bed Long Term care home licensed by MOHLTC and Accredited by Accreditation of Canada. Our health care team recognizes and respects each resident and their right to individuality, quality care, safety and privacy, while providing specialized health care. We work with residents, their families and develop working relationships with community. Our main goal is to take pride in providing service to our elders and their loved ones.



The Tekanikonrahwa:kon program was developed to assist community members to reach their highest level of wholistic health. This service assists the community by providing resources to help with: Medical, Physical, Addiction/Mental Health, Prevention and Traditional Medicines options. Our varied services are provided by licensed, regulated health professionals. The Wholistic Health and Wellness program proudly has a multidis-ciplinary team which consists of individuals whom are directed toward supporting clients through assessment, diagnosis and treatment from both Native Traditional and mainstream clinical healing processes. We have recently added three Mohawk practitioners: two Physicians and one Nurse Practitioner to our team which both compliments and enhances our service delivery to our community members.




Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance
Leah Tarbell, A/Program Manager
Ext. 3315


Akwesasne Non-Insured Health Benefits
Melanie Gibson, Program Manager
Ext. 3342


Community Health
Lesley Bero, Program Manager
Ext. 3221


Home Care & Home Support
April White, Program Manager
Ext. 1066


Iakhihsohtha Home
Allison Lazore (acting for Victoria Irving), Program Manager
Ext. 4202


Tsiionkwanonhso:te Adult Care
Barry Lazore, Program Manager
Ext. 1617


Wholistic Health & Wellness
Amber Montour, Program Manager
Ext. 3101