Mission Statement

The Mohawk Council Housing Authority is established to develop and implement a fair and equitable housing policy and to ensure that the members of the Akwesasne community have equal access to affordable and quality housing.

Department Goals

  • To construct new quality, affordable and completed houses.
  • To protect and extend the life of existing houses.
  • To provide job creation and business development.
  • To lower backlog of applicants requiring housing.
  • To ensure funding of programs carry on into the future.

Programs and Services

  • Section 95 Program (Rentals)
  • Repair Program
  • Construction Assistance Program
  • Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence
  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP)
  • Upgrading Program
  • Bank of Montreal – On-Reserve Housing Loan Program
  • Maintenance Program


Rent to Own

“To empower and guide Akwesasronon to obtain and maintain affordable

Our role within MCA is to ensure core services are provided to all departments and programs for the continuity of operations through responsible and ethical management of community resources. We strive to honor our traditional values of; Language, Culture, Safety for all and protection and respect of our environment and each other.

 New Construction Loan Max.$136,000. 25 year term
 Bank of Montreal On Reserve Program Max. $150,000 25 year term
(MCA provides guarantee )
 Renovation Loan Max. $12,000 3 year term
 Repair Loan Max. $8,000 3 year term
 Maintenance Loan Max $1500 1 year term
 CMHC — RRAP Max.$16,000 5 year term
(Residential and Rehabilitation Assistance Program)
 CMHC — HASI Max $3500
(Home Adaptation for Seniors Independence)
 Elders Emergency Fund – One time allocation of $5000
(for elders 65and older)
 Apartment Rentals
 Rent to Own Housing
 Home Inspection
 Hydro Quebec Office

Qualifying Criteria for Department of Housing Services
In addition to criteria specific to individual services all applicants are required to have :
¨ Akwesasne Membership,
¨ Be in Good Standing with Mohawk Council of Akwesasne .
 For all Akwesasronon to live in safe healthy homes.
 Fairness
 Integrity
 Excellence
 Professionalism

 1600 Homes located on the Northern Portion of Akwesasne (Ontario and Quebec)
 150 Rentals and Rent to Own –owned and maintained by Mohawk Council Housing Department.
 300 Community members on waiting list for New Construction
 200 do not own land
 20 new applicants per year.
 4 New Construction Loans annually
 4-5 New construction or purchase loans at BMO annually.
 Rental applications—
 20 new applications per year
 50 Community Members on waiting list for Apartment Rentals .
 20 Elder waiting list for Elder Housing.
All MCA Housing Loans
 414 MCA Housing Loans
 $10,270,353( balance owed to MCA)
 131 Renovation/Repair/ Maintenance
 $657,625 ( balance owed to MCA)
 78 Bank of Montreal Loans $
 5,589,904 ( balance owed to BMO guaranteed by MCA)
 CMHC Loans
 $6,819,261 (balance MCA to pay CMHC)
 $23,337,184 Total Loans for Housing in Akwesasne

Strategic Goals
 To build and maintain a rental portfolio that will address the shortage of housing
 To assist community members with alternative sources of funding to fulfill their housing needs.