Sector 4 – Clinical Care Services Sector

Clinical Care Services encompasses various essential healthcare provisions within the Akwesasne community. This sector includes the Akwesasne Medical Clinics, Chronic Disease Management Initiatives, two(2) Indigenous Patient Navigators, and the Home and Community Care program.

The Akwesasne Medical Clinics deliver quality Primary Health Care in Kanatakon and Kawehnoke through diverse themed clinics. With a team comprising 10 physicians and a Nurse Practitioner, the clinics cater to the diverse healthcare needs of our community.

The Chronic Disease Management Initiatives, formerly known as the Diabetes Education and Management Program, aid community members in education and management of diabetes, with plans to extend assistance to other chronic diseases.

Two Indigenous Patient Navigators play a crucial role in helping community members navigate the healthcare system to access necessary services for optimal health. They are dedicated to facilitating access to both provincial and local services.

The Home and Community Care program has undergone restructuring to prioritize care for individuals requiring support at home, including nursing care and personal support services.

The Home & Community Care program
previously known as Home Care/Home Support, is a community based program that provides in-home supportive health services for people of all ages who require assistance with reaching their health care goals, and maintaining their independence at home, as long as possible, with family support.

The Home & Community Care team uses a digital platform and consists of nurses, personal support workers, home service representatives and healthcare aides, who strive to meet their clients unique needs, while promoting independence, maintaining dignity, and honoring respect.

Services Provided

In-home Nursing Care

                In-home nursing care (e.g. wound care, ostomy care, catheter care, IV therapy, etc) for clients discharged from a hospital or have a sudden change in their health status that requires nursing skill support.

Goal: To prevent long hospitals stays and promote client independence with their health and healing.

Personal Support Services

                In-home assistance with activities-of-daily-living, including personal care, bed-to-chair transfers, toileting, monitoring vitals, and meal preparation.

Goal: To assist people with staying at home, as long as possible.


                Light housekeeping, laundry assistance, and meal planning/preparation is available for clients who are receiving Personal Support Services (PSS), and have no family support.

Goal: To assist people with staying at home, as long as possible.

Social Transportation

Transportation for clients who are receiving Personal Support Services, who have no family support, to complete grocery shopping and banking, or need transportation to ceremonies, community functions or funerals.

Goal: To support client independence, nutritional needs, and mental health wellness, and assist with staying at home, as long as possible.

Home Medical Equipment

                An in-home medical equipment loan program, to have immediate access to medical equipment while waiting for NIHB approval, or for short-term use of medical equipment during your recovery period.

Goal: To prevent long hospital stays, and support discharge plans and goals.

End-of-Life Care

End-of-Life supportive care is available for anyone wishing to pass away in their home, with dignity and respect. Family support in the home is required.

Goal: To prevent dying in a hospital setting and promote peace and comfort.


  • Must reside with the three districts of Akwesasne under the jurisdiction of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA).
  • All services require a written referral from a Physician or Nurse Practitioner, indicating health care goals and a treatment plan.
  • Clients MUST have a valid health card in the province that the services are being provided (OHIP or QRAM)
  • A valid status card number is required to access NIHB funding (prescriptions, Home Medical Equipment, medical supplies), when not covered provincially.
  • Based on the referral, an appointment will be made on an in-home assessment to determine needs of service recipient.
  • Client and families must provide a respectful and safe environment for the Home & Community Care staff entering the home.
  • A consent form must be signed before services begin.

Contact information

For questions or rescheduling appointments, please call
P: 613-575-2341 ext 1618

Please fax referrals to