Department of Community & Social Services

The Department of Community & Social Services (DCSS) provides services in a family-focused, integrated and coordinated manner that is consistent with, works with and reinforces the traditional, informal patterns of sharing, caring and healing in the extended family and community; that is least-intrusive, non-judgmental and respectful of the individual and family in need; that supports the healing and strengthening of individuals and families and avoids the creation of dependencies on the Department and its programs.


Akwesasne Child and Family Services

Mission Statement: We care, trust and believe in the strength of Akwesasne.

As a child protection agency, we are committed to promoting the best interests, protection, and well-being of children.


  • Child protection services
  • Family support services
  • Traditional support services
  • Community prevention and education services
  • Foster care services
  • 24-hour on-call services
  • Referral & advocacy


Akwesasne Family Wellness Program

The mission of the Akwesasne Family Wellness Program is to provide emergency and long-term safe housing for victims of domestic violence, abusive situations, self-harm, and high-risk behaviors. The mandate of the program is to provide educational healing services to women, men, and children. There is a separate residential house for males who are victims of domestic violence or self-abuse.


  • 16-week Residential Program for Women, Men & children
  • 24-Hour Crisis Line & on-site support
  • Outreach Services
  • Education & Support Groups
  • Transitional Housing program


Community Support Program

To provide financial assistance for basic and related needs and to promote self-sufficiency through education or employment.


  • Social assistance
  • Disability
  • Temporary Care
  • Education/Employment Assistance