Legislative Development


  • Legislative development and recognition of laws and institutions.
  • To re-establish the Legislative Commission to prioritize legislative development as well as to engage community members in guiding legislative development.
  • Implementation of our language within the workplace and within the community.



The Kaiahnehronsehra iehiontakwa is the law repository of all Akwesasne Laws and is the established system for how Akwesasne Laws made under the jurisdiction of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne are registered.

The Kaiahnehronsehra iehiontakwa is maintained at the Akwesasne Justice Department and is available for viewing between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

To view the listing of laws, the Akwesasne Law Information Guide, and Akwesasne Law Definitions, please click here.



The Akwesasne Legislative Enactment Regulation was ratified with Mohawk Council Resolution 2015/2016-#261A.  The purpose of this Regulation is:

  • To ensure open, transparent, and accountable law-making procedures for Akwesasronon.
  • To engage Akwesasronon in the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s lawmaking procedure.
  • To ensure that Akwesasne Laws reflect the values, customs, and aspirations of Akwesasronon.
  • To ensure that Akwesasne Laws are in keeping with principles of natural justice.
  • To establish a standardized procedural regulation for the development, enactment, amendment, and repeal of Akwesasne Laws. 

The Akwesasne Legislative Enactment Regulation involves the following five (5) phases of development:

Phase I – Development of Proposed Law: This phase can be initiated by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne or by a petition from Akwesasronon. A  mandate to develop legislation on the identified subject matter is provided to the Akwesasne Legislative Commission and Technicians.

Phase II – Acceptance of Proposed Akwesasne Law In Principle: After a draft law has been developed in Phase I, the proposed legislation is brought to a Council Meeting for acceptance in principle.

Phase III – Community Consultation: The draft law that was accepted in principle in Phase II is sent to the community for review and comments. A minimum of three (3) Information Meetings to discuss the proposed legislation will be scheduled, one in each District of Kawehno:ke, Kana:takon, and Tsi Snaihne.

Phase IV – Enactment of an Akwesasne Law: The final draft law is brought to the community for enactment by either a secret ballot vote at a Special General Meeting, or by a referendum vote.

Phase V – Procedures after the Enactment Phase of an Akwesasne Law:

  • The enacted law is registered with the Kaiahnehronsehra iehiontakwa: Place Where Laws Are Registered – Akwesasne Law Registry (Akwesasne Law Registry). 
  • If a law is rejected, a notice is posted to the community informing them of the rejection and no further development of another Akwesasne Law dealing with the same subject matter will be worked on for at least 120 days.



The Akwesasne Legislative Commission held a Public Comment Session and accepted written comments from the community to provide input on legislative development files that should be a priority in 2019. After balancing the perspectives and interests of the community, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, and administration (e.g. departments, programs) – the Akwesasne Legislative Commission prioritized the following 10-files for development in 2019 (listed alphabetically):