Akwesasne Landlord Tenant Law

The subject of developing an Akwesasne Landlord Tenant Law began in early 2000 with the development of a law that would govern landlord and tenant relations. A draft law was completed and brought to the community in 2008, which was subsequently rejected by community members present and voting at the Special General Meeting. Since then, occasional inquiries are made from Community Members asking whether a law will be developed governing landlords and tenants rights to provide protections to both. The development of an Akwesasne Landlord Tenant Law was identified as a priority by the community as part of the Public Comment Session in October 2018.

The Akwesasne Legislative Commission did select the development of an Akwesasne Landlord Tenant Law as a priority for 2019. This law is currently in Phase I – Law Development of the Akwesasne Legislative Enactment Regulation. Once a draft law has been developed, the document will be brought to the community for consultation to request feedback on the contents of the law.