DIHE Technical Projects


Kana:takon Road Reconstruction (Phase I)

Park Street & Hilltop Drive



As part of the Kana:takon Reconstruction Project Phase I, the excess surplus fill material
excavated from this project will be stock-piled at the contractor’s designated location and will
not be released until confirmed by the consultant. It is possible that sections of the road project
will need extra fill material.

During the course of this construction If extra fill material does become available for property
owners, the priority for the fill distribution will be determined by the following guidelines:
1) Property owners who live adjacent to the site;
2) Other property owners in the District of Kana:takon;
3) Other Mohawk Council of Akwesasne projects

For those interested in the excess fill material you will need to obtain and complete the MCA
Fill Release Waiver, this document can be obtained by contacting the following individuals:

Mike Gray
MCA-Quality/Quantity Inspector
(613) 577-3043

Environmental Assessment Officer
MCA DIH Environment Program
(613) 575-2250 ext. 1003

Your completed Waiver must be submitted to an Environmental Assessment Officer, for review
of your designated fill location on your property. You will then be placed on a list. When the
material becomes available, we will confirm the number of residents who may be able to
receive the material based on the quantity available.