Youth Reintegration Program

Who is eligible?

  • Aboriginal Youth (status and non-status, Metis, and Inuit) between the ages of 12-17 years at the time of offence, who have been found guilty and are currently on probation, conditional supervision or community supervision.


Program Objectives:

  • Provide community based services that are culturally appropriate.
  • Provide services that address assessed individual needs or conditions of Aboriginal Youth.
  • To support and assist rehabilitation and reintegration of Aboriginal Youth back into the community.


  • We work collaboratively with Youth Probation Officers and Youth to ensure conditions and recommendations are met.
  • We provide intervention trainings/workshops to Youth, parents, and/or caregivers.
  • We have an inventory of community resources that are available to youth and parents/caregivers.
  • We assist parents/caregivers and Youth in understanding their rights and responsibilities.
  • We work closely with all agencies and facilities to effectively meet Youth needs through coordinated case management, consultation and case conferences.
  • We are available to assist Youth in custody by providing counseling, supportive services advocacy and referrals.
  • We offer continuous support and supervision to Youth and with their families .