Conservation Department CIA III 101 Tewesateni Road (School Road), Akwesasne, ON K6H 5R7 Phone: (613) 936-1548 Fax: (613) 938-6760 Open: 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

What kind of services do you offer:

Mission Statement The Department of Environment strives to protect, maintain and enhance the natural environment of the community of Akwesasne. Department Goals → Attempt to teach children life skills on the land (i.e. harvesting, examining species at risk). → Looking at animal welfare, patrols on the river, habitat research. → Seeing that projects within Akwesasne adhere to safe environmental practices. → Keeping abreast of environmental/health issues (PCB’s, Mercury, Mirex, etc.). → Sustainable forestry. → Look at new problems that may surface (i.e. SARS, West Nile Virus, etc.). Programs and Services

  • Conservation
  • Forestry
  • Environmental Education
  • Contaminants Study
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Animal Control

Environmental Education Conservation Forestry Environmental Assessment Contaminants Study The services this program offers are:

    • Environmental Protection (Land, Water, Air)
    • Environmental Assessments
    • Tree Assessments
    • Environmental Education
    • Species at Risk
    • Environment Research and Information
    • Youth Camp Development
Conservation Department-
Boat Registration
Animal Control
Issue Fishing License
River/Island Patrols
Margaret (Peggy) Pyke-Thompson, Program Manager
Henry Lickers, Environmental Science Officer
Scott Peters, Environmental Assessment Officer
Curtis Lazore, Environmental Assessment Officer
Evan Thompson, GIS Technician
Owen Mitchell, Wildlife/Fish Technician
(Thompson Island Youth Camp)
Waylon Cook, Camp Coordinator
Jessica Shenendoah, Camp Coordinator

Call the Environment Department where your calls will be directed to the person best suited to assist you. Everyone should be concerned with the protection of our environment. From the earliest age, children should learn to discard garbage in trash cans and learn to recycle. Bob Stevenson teaches life skills on the land for outdoor survival and fun to children of all ages. He also hosts people of all ages, including families at the Thompson Island Youth Camp where visitors can walk on the wilderness trails while learning of medicinal plants.

What do I do:

All you need to do is contact our department and make an inquiry or request. You only need to care for your environment, our Mother Earth.

Where do I go:

Cornwall Island Administration Building, (CIA #3) This is the old Lacrosse Factory on Cornwall Island and you enter the door located on the south side of the building and turn directly left to speak to anyone in the Environment Department. The staff will have their names on the doors.


Akwesasne Task Force on the Environment


“The Environment Program will strive to protect and enhance the natural environment of Akwesasne”

The Environment Program within the Department of Tehotiiennawakon strives to achieve Sken:nen for all of creation by undertaking programs, projects and services that respect, protect and preserve the natural world.

Mission Statement
Humans were given the responsibility to speak for all life our Mother Earth sus-tains. As the Environment Program, we are further charged with gathering and sharing knowledge with Akwesasro:non to ensure that all life is respected, protect-ed, and preserved for the generations to come.
The Environment Program will use the Ohen:ton Karihwateh:kwen (The Words That Come Before All Else) as our Environmental framework and Sken:nen(Peace), Kasatstensera (Power) and Ka’nikonriio (Good Mind) as our guiding principles.

Ionwa’nikonri:io – Thompson Island Youth Camp
 Council owned and operated since 1997
 Over 400 youth participate annually
 Culturally relevant programming
 Life Skills on the Land
 Medicine Trail Walks
 Traditional Teachings
 Traditional Songs and Dances

Culturally Based Environmental Assessments
 Developed from Traditional Teachings – Ohen:ton Karihwahteh:kwen (The Words That Come Before All Else)
 3 Mohawk Environmental Assessment Officers
 30 environmental assessments conducted annually
 Harmonized environmental assessment completed:
 Three Nations Bridge Crossing North Channel Bridge
 Port of Johnstown Redevelopment Project

Emergency Measures Goal
 To assure the territory of Akwesasne is prepared to minimize threats to life, health, safety and environment in the event of uncontrolled releases of hazardous materials and natural disasters through exercises, training and public awareness.

Environment Programs
 Contaminants
 Forestry
 Environmental Education
 Environmental Assessments
 Fisheries
 GIS Services
 Emergency Measures

Special Projects include:
 Agricultural advisement
 Species at Risk
 Invasive species control
 Thompson Island Youth & Elders Camp
 Naturalized Knowledge practices
 Minnow Habitat Assessment & Conservation