Elder Services

Elder Services is a program that offers support to Akwesasne elders aged 60 years and older to help them live safely and independently at home by providing social activities, help with home chores and coordination of activities.  

Programs and Services

Congregate Dining

Our Congregate Dining program offers a nutritious meal and provides social engagement for our elders. Enjoy a meal in a congregate setting and socialize with other elders from the community.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels offers a lunchtime meal to Akwesasne residents who reside in the Northern portion of Akwesasne. A service for those who cannot prepare food for themselves.

Independence Training

Independence Training is designed to help with the transition of complete independence to needing a bit of assistance for elders and their caregivers.

Adult Day Program

Tri-District Elders Lodge – meets every Wednesday for lunch and activities.

Minor Home Maintenance

Assistance with light chores around the house, eg. Smoke detector checks, light bulb changes and some grass cutting.

Care Coordination

Our Care Coordinator is here to help our Akwesasne elders with the coordination of Elder Services in order to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Elders Resource Guidebook

A handbook on services and resources that is available to Elders in the Akwesasne community.
*To be released by winter 2024.

Contact Us 

Phone: 613-575-2341 Ext. 1661 
Visit Us: We are located in the Tsi Ion Kwa Nonh So Te Long Term Care Facility at 70 Kawehnoke Apartments Road, Akwesasne, ON 
E-mail: leah.mitchell@akwesasne.ca 


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