Mission Statement

The Mohawk Council Housing Authority is established to develop and implement a fair and equitable housing policy and to ensure that the members of the Akwesasne community have equal access to affordable and quality housing.

Department Goals

  • To construct new quality, affordable and completed houses.
  • To protect and extend the life of existing houses.
  • To provide job creation and business development.
  • To lower backlog of applicants requiring housing.
  • To ensure funding of programs carry on into the future.

Programs and Services

  • Section 95 Program (Rentals)
  • Repair Program
  • Construction Assistance Program
  • Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence
  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP)
  • Upgrading Program
  • Bank of Montreal – On-Reserve Housing Loan Program
  • Maintenance Program


Rent to Own


Acting Director: Charmaine Caldwell
Contact Info: 613-575-2250 • Ext. 2303
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