Akwesasne Appeal Tribunal

Composition Of Members:  7 appointed District members

(2 community members per District and 1 at large)

Name District Term/Term Expires
  Lewis Morris   Kaná:takon   Term expired
  John Bay   Tsi Snaíhne   Term expired
  Vacant Position   Tsi Snaíhne   Term expired
  Brenda Lafrance   Kawehnò:ke   Term expired
  Bernice Lazore   Kawehnò:ke   Term expired
  Theresa Connors   At Large   Term expired

General appeal body referred to in several Akwesasne Laws and Regulations. This Tribunal also hears appeals from decisions by Akwesasne Boards, Commissions, and Tribunals.

Chairperson & Contact Number:  No Chairperson. Contact Cheryl Jacobs  (613) 575-2250 Ext. 1025
Authority:    MCR 2012/2013 – # 322
Tenure:        Terms are expired
Charter:       Charter of the Akwesasne Appeal Tribunal MCR 2012/2013 – # 322

Regulations of the Akwesasne Appeal Tribunal MCR 2012/2013 – # 322

Call-Out:      Not needed at this time
Status:         Recommendation is to rescind the MCR as the Akwesasne Court can take on this function.
Honorarium:  In accordance with the MCA honorarium policy.