Akwesasne Election Appeal Board

Composition Of Members:   6  District members

(3 community members and 3 alternate per District)

Name District Term/Term Expires
  Iakohonwentsiawakon (Primary)   Tsi Snaíhne   3 years/December  2020
  Joanne Jackson (Primary)   Kaná:takon   3 years/ December 2020
  Lisa Francis-Benedict (Primary)   Kawehnò:ke   3 years/ December 2020
  Vacant (Alternate)   Tsi Snaíhne   3 years/ December 2020
  Jennine Hall (Alternate)   Kaná:takon   3 years/ December 2020
  Lucy Papineau (Alternate)   Kawehnò:ke   3 years/ December 2020

This Commission is to hear appeals for MCA General elections and by-elections.

Chairperson & Contact Number: Lisa Francis-Benedict
Authority:    Akwesasne Election Law     MCR 2005/2006- #192
Tenure:          The Akwesasne Election Appeal Board term commences six months prior to a General Election for three consecutive years.
Charter:      See procedures in Schedule “O” of the Akwesasne Election Law.
Call-Out:     Begins six months after the announcement of an Mohawk Council of Akwesasne General Election announcement by the Chief Administrative Officer (now known as the Executive Director)
Status:        Active
Honorarium:  A per diem rate in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Executive Director.