Akwesasne Legislative Commission

Composition Of Members:  7  District members  (2 community members per District and 1 community member-at-large)

Name District Term/Term Expires
 Theresa Thompson  Tsi Snaíhne 3 years/July 2020
  Esther Jock  Tsi Snaíhne 3 years/July 2020
  Nadine Jacobs  Kawehnò:ke 3 years/January 2021
  Nanci Ransom  Kawehnò:ke 3 years/July 2020
  Jennine Hall  Kaná:takon 3 years/January 2021
  Sherril Lazare  Kaná:takon 3 years/October 2022
  Vacant  At Large 3 years/-

Portfolio Chiefs as Ex-officio status by Charter

Name District Expires
  Chief Connie Lazore Tsi Snaíhne June 2021
  Chief Julie Phillips-Jacobs Kaná:takon June 2021

The Akwesasne Legislative Commission will  establish  law-making priorities according to the needs of Akwesasne and develop a community plan for legislative development

Chairperson & Contact Number:   To be appointed.
Authority:  MCR 2015/2016 – # 262
Tenure:       Akwesasne Legislative Commission members shall be appointed for an initial term of three (3) years and may be reappointed to terms of five (5) years thereafter.
Charter:     Akwesasne Legislative Commission Charter MCR 2017/2018 – # 004

Akwesasne Legislative Commission Regulation MCR 2017 /2018 – # 004

Status:         Active
Honorarium:  In accordance with the MCA honorarium policy.