Akwesasne Membership Board

Composition Of Members:  7 elected community members
(2 community members per District, 1 Chairperson)

Name District Term/Term Expires
  Esther Jock (Chair)   Tsi Snaíhne   4 years/October 17, 2019
  Cindy Garrow   Tsi Snaíhne   2 years/October 17, 2019
  Loretta David   Kawehnò:ke   2 years/October 17, 2019
  Charlene Thomas   Kaná:takon   2 years/October 17, 2019
  Leanne Thomas   Kaná:takon   4 years/October 17, 2019
  Joann Swamp   Tsi Snaíhne   4 years/October 17, 2019
  Jennifer Boots   Kawehnò:ke   4 years/October 17, 2019

Portfolio Chiefs as Ex-officio status by Mohawk Council Resolution

Name District Expires
  Chief Darryl Lazare   Kaná:takon June 2021
  Chief Joe Lazore   Tsi Snaíhne June 2021
  Chief Vince Thompson   Kawehnò:ke June 2021
This Board considers applications for Akwesasne Membership under the Akwesasne Membership Code and applications for Residency permits under the Akwesasne Residency Law.
Chairperson & Contact Number:  Esther Jock
Authority:    Akwesasne Membership Code MCR 1987/1988 – # 144
Akwesasne Residency Law MCR 1997/1998-#60
Tenure:      The Chairperson and one community member from each of the 3 Districts will serve a term of 4 years.The remaining 3 District community members will serve a term of 2 years.
Council appointments are made after General Elections.
Charter:     Akwesasne Membership Board CharterAkwesasne Membership Board Election Regulations
Call-Out: Elections for All Positions to be held October 2019
Status:           Active
Honorarium: In accordance with the MCA honorarium policy.