Akwesasne Review Commission

Composition Of Members:  6 appointed District members

(2 community members per District)

Name District Term/Term Expires
  Dr. Rose Alma McDonald  (Chair) Kaná:takon 5 years/2022
  Vacant Kaná:takon 3 years/
  Susan Sunday Kawehnò:ke 3 years/2021
  Vacant Kawehnò:ke 3 years/
  Norman Peters Tsi Snaíhne 3 years/2021
  Vacant Tsi Snaíhne 3 years/

The Akwesasne Review Commission is established as an independent body to hold every Justice and every member of a Decision-Making Body accountable to the community by enabling their conduct to be examined fairly and impartially pursuant to this Charter and Procedural Regulation.

Chairperson: Dr. Rose Alma McDonald
Authority:   MCR 2013/2014- #242
Tenure:       Akwesasne Review Commission member will be appointed for an initial term of  3 years, and are eligible for additional terms of 5 years
Charter:      Akwesasne Review Commission Charter MCR 2017/2018-#139 Akwesasne Review Commission Regulation MCR 2014/2015-#084
Call-Out:     Required to fill vacancies
Status:         Active
Honorarium:  In accordance with the MCA honorarium policy.