Council of Elders

Composition Of Members:  6  District members

(3 community members per District and 3 Elders)

Name District Term/Term Ends
  Leona Benedict (Chair)   Elder – Kaná:takon   No expiration
  Heather Mitchell   Kana:takon   No expiration
  Vacant   Kawehno:ke   N/A
  Vacant   Elder – Kawehnò:ke   N/A
  Theresa Thompson   Tsi Snaíhne   No expiration
  Veronica Adams   Elder – Tsi Snaíhne   No expiration

The Elders’ Council is to hear appeals under the Membership Code, Ethical Conduct Law, Residency Law, and the Dog By-law.

Chairperson & Contact Number:  Leona Benedict  (613) 575- 2250 Ext. 2406
Authority:   Akwesasne Membership Code  (Enacted June 26, 1987); Ethical Conduct Law (Enacted February 20, 1997); Residency Law (Enacted May 22, 1997); Dog By-Law (Enacted June 4, 1988).
Tenure:       The persons appointed to the Council of Elders or as alternates will remain in that position until a vacancy occurs.
Charter:     Council of Elders Charter & Regulation MCR 2003/2004 – # 022
Call-Out:     Needed for Kawehno:ke and Kana:takon Vacancies
Status:        Active
Honorarium:  In accordance with the MCA honorarium policy.