Summary for Portfolio Mtg

The AMS wastewater system received a risk score of 5.3 because the total phosphorus and total coliform levels were high. The total phosphorus average was 1.96 mg/L. The guideline limit for total phosphorus is 1.0 mg/L. However it is not a required parameter of WSER, the Environment Canada federal regulation. The average total coliform was 18,000 TCU. There was one very high sample of 72,000 TCU which was possibly due to contamination. Total coliform is also not a requirement of WSER.
The ammonia level and the pH level in the Arena wastewater system are both in exceedance of the recommended level because the system runs intermittently during events at the Arena. The wastewater that stands in the effluent discharge tank becomes septic.
The MCA W&WW program is currently applying for funding from sources such as INAC and the Ontario Clean Water and Wastewater Fund 2016-2017 to improve the AMS and Arena wastewater systems.
The MCA W&WW program office is located in the Cornwall Island West Water Treatment Plant. The address is 17 Island Rd on Cornwall Island. The phone number is (613)933-4924 and the office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. After hours you can call the program pager, (518)404-2252. Or you can call the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Central Dispatch at (613)575-2340.

LMB 1 September 27, 2016