Cornwall’s ACCFutures, a lending and economic development organization, recently paid tribute to the late Christopher Thompson, who they say played a vital role in building strong relationships between Cornwall and Akwesasne business communities.

On Sept. 21st, ACCFutures held their annual general meeting in Akwesasne where they unveiled a beaded belt by Fire Loom Creations and local artist Kelly Back, who is Chris’s sister.

“Chris was an early champion of ACCFutures becoming a place that could support indigenous and non-indigenous partners to work together,” said ACCFutures Executive Director Greg Pietersma. “It was important to me to commemorate and celebrate that beginning from an organization standpoint and to have a visual reminder of where this all came from, and why it’s so important to our organization to take these relationships and build upon them.”

The beaded presentation belt features Chris’ clan – turtle- and other cultural symbolism. It will be displayed in a permanent display case at the ACCFutures office in Cornwall. Kelly attended the event this week to personally present the belt.

ACCFutures provides a variety of business services to companies in Cornwall, Akwesasne, and the surrounding areas. They fund small businesses and various capital and working capital projects.

“We are a great starting point for new businesses that are growing very quickly or in sectors that maybe other lending institutions don’t want to address,” said Pietersma. ACCFutures has various partnerships with Akwesasne including the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA), Akwesasne Career and Employment Support Services (ACESS), and local businesses. They are also contracted by the city of Cornwall and MCA to manage the port lands project.

MCA acknowledges and applauds ACCFutures for their dedication to the late Chris Thompson, who also served as MCA’s Director of Economic Development. Congratulations to artist Kelly Back for her continued unique and stunning contributions to the art world.