The Working Task Group (WTG) for the Akwesasne Child’s Rights & Responsibility Law would like to provide the community with a brief update regarding the progress of the law development.


Phase I of the Akwesasne Legislative Enactment Procedural Regulations (ALEPR) is “Development of a Proposed Law”. This includes introducing the law to the community.


Our initial input sessions with the community provided us with the opportunity to gain input and feedback from our own community members as to what were the key elements the law should include.


The Akwesasne Justice Department has now secured a Legislative Drafter to draft the law in collaboration with the WTG, which will later require further consultation with both the community and Council. We are currently in the drafting phase.


Once the draft is completed it will be presented to Council in a Line-by-Line read initiating Phase 2 of the ALEPR: Acceptance in Principle. Once the law has been accepted in principle, Phase 3: Community Consultation, will commence.


While the draft is being written, we continue to welcome questions regarding the development of the law. Please email the Akwesasne Child’s Rights & Responsibility Law Working Task Group at childlaw@akwesasne.ca if you would like to comment or have questions.