On Monday, November 20, 2023, the Akwesasne Dental Clinic hosted their 30th Anniversary Celebration in the Kanonhkwa’tsheri:io Health Facility. The Akwesasne Dental Clinic has been providing dental services to the community of Akwesasne since 1993.


The Dental Clinic’s 30th anniversary was commemorated with a beautiful balloon arch and display provided by Niiostoseraah Thompson of “Balloon Barbie,” an information table full of helpful oral hygiene tips and information, giveaway items, and dental clinic staff greeting community members as they entered the Kanonhkwa’tsheri:io Health Facility. There was also a community luncheon held for community members to come and enjoy a meal provided by Big Russ’ Catering.


“The Akwesasne Dental Clinic has been a vital healthcare provider in the community of Akwesasne, delivering essential dental care to countless individuals and families” said Grand Chief Abram Benedict. “The clinics’ focus on accessible dental care has had a profound impact on the community’s overall health and wellbeing. We extend a sincere congratulations to the Akwesasne Dental Clinic on 30 years of outstanding service.”


Over the past three decades, the Akwesasne Dental Clinic’s dedicated team of professionals, consisting of dentists, hygienists, and support staff, have put in countless hours of hard work and effort to guarantee patients receive exceptional care and service.


“Working in the Dental Clinic for 30 years has provided me with a wealth of dental knowledge, as well as providing me with an opportunity to watch families grow within Akwesasne,” said Theresa Adams, Office Manager for the Akwesasne Dental Clinic. “Dental health is at the gateway to overall health and I am honored to have the opportunity to deliver a service and strengthen the positive community impact on dental health for the past 30 years.”


“Their dedication to their patients is evident in the Dental Clinics’ long-standing reputation for excellence,” said Chief Dwayne Thomas, who sits on the Department of Health Portfolio. “Patients can expect a welcoming and warm environment when they visit the clinic, where they will receive compassionate care from knowledgeable and experienced professionals.”


Congratulations to the Akwesasne Dental Clinic on reaching a milestone of 30 years of dedicated, exceptional service! We look forward to many more years of dedicated service to the community of Akwesasne.