The BEI is looking for witnesses to a police intervention on April 7, 2023, in Akwesasne


Following the initiation of a criminal investigation, the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes of Québec (BEI) is asking the public for its help in finding witnesses to a police intervention.


At around 8:45 p.m. on April 7, 2023, officers from the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service reportedly intervened on Akwesasne Street in Akwesasne and there was a police officer involved shooting towards a car. The BEI is looking for witnesses regarding this police intervention or anyone who has videos of the intervention.


BEI investigators will be at 1130 River Road, Akwesasne,QC, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Tuesday, November 14, 2023. Anyone who has been a witness or has information can go directly to meet the investigators.


It is also possible to communicate with the BEI via its website at .


The BEI’s mission is to shed light on the facts surroundingcriminal investigations that is brought against a police officer by a victim or complainant who is a member of a First Nations or Inuit nation. The BEI is conducts criminal investigation, subject to the various usual rules applicable in this matter.