Regarding the CERB payment, if you are a client of the Community Support Program and on social assistance, this notice is to inform you that if you applied for CERB, please let your case manager know right away. This may affect your monthly check as this is additional income you have to report.

With the CERB, you may have received potential misinformation you heard and need to know some facts. Such as, CERB is taxable and considered a grant that will have to be paid back, and if you apply and get it, you may no longer be eligible for social assistance. Getting CERB and social assistance at the same time could be considered double-dipping as making too much income.

You might end up having to owe tax on your CERB payments for next years tax time. Monthly CERB payments are taxable. When you file your 2020 tax returns next year this could impact what you may be getting back or have to owe at that time.

The government states CERB is taxable and you will be expected to report it as income when you file your income tax for the 2020 tax year. Canada Revenue Agency is not deducting any income tax from the monthly $2,000 CERB payments right now. As a result, this could leave you owing hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars of taxes on their CERB payments come next April. How much tax you will owe if you are on social assistance and received the CERB payment is/will be of concern next year.

If you require further information do not hesitate to contact the MCA Community Support (Welfare) Program at (613) 575-2341, extension 3262. Please speak to your case manager if you did apply for CERB.