The Kanonhkwat’sheri:io Health Facility is now open to the community for services by appointment only. Please note that upon entry to the building you will be screened at the front door. If for any reason you do not pass the screener, you will not be allowed to enter the facility and will be directed to phone the Community Health Program.

The safety of the community and the staff are paramount, please be patient with the screening process as there may be a line up; be respectful and maintain physical distancing of 6 feet or 2 meters. Please limit your movement around the building to your scheduled appointment.

Masks/face coverings are a requirement upon entry to the facility. If you do not have a mask/face covering please let the screeners know, and one will be provided.


The immunization program, Diabetes Education program and Quebec Health, Smoking Cessation continue to operate, please call the office prior to coming in the building.

Many of the appointments remain virtual and or by phone. In-office appointments are all scheduled. Office visits are decided on a case by case basis.

For scheduled appointments:
• Please arrive at scheduled time
• Wait in your vehicle in designated spot as arranged when appointment made
• Wear your mask/face covering
• Staff will meet you outside and if needed will escort you in the building
• Expect to be screened prior to entry to the facility

Assessment/Testing for COVID-19:
If you have any questions or are seeking information regarding COVID – 19, please call the Community Health Program at (613) 575-2341 X 3220 and ask to speak to a nurse.

Due to the volume of calls, you may be asked to leave your number for one of the nurses to return your call. At times the wait times can be as long as 6 hours. Staff may return calls the next day as well. Your patience is appreciated.

When the nurse returns your call, they will assist with any questions that people may have or will provide for an assessment. At times the assessment process can take up to half an hour.

If testing is indicated or requested, the staff will assist with scheduling or referring to the appropriate place, this may be due to availability of next appointment, or convenience for community members.

As every situation is unique and every community member is unique, the process may be different with every call.

When results come into the Community Health Program, the community member will be phoned directly and followed up as needed. Results may take up to 3 days excluding the weekends and holidays.

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance, note your information will not be shared with anyone without prior consent.

Numbers for Assessment/Testing Site:
March 13, 2020 — May 31, 2020 (2.5 months)
• 671 total COVID – 19 related calls
• 40 tests

June 1, 2020 — June 30, 2020 (1 month)
• 288 total COVID-19 related calls
• 64 tests

July 1, 2020 — July 23, 2020 (3+ weeks)
• 751 total COVID-19 related calls
Of those:
• 265 were follow ups
• 260 were assessments
• 258 tests have been completed up until yesterday.

Total COVID-19 related calls: 1,710
Total tests up until July 23, 2020: 362

The Wholistic Health and Wellness Program will begin offering on-site Mental Health & Addiction services for the community on July 20. This will be by appointment only, walk-ins are not available at this time.

Medical Clinic: Telephone appointments will continue and are encouraged.

On-Site Services are available at Kanonhkwat’sheri:io, which includes the Akwesasne Medical Clinic, Mental Health, and Addictions. Call 613-575-2341 for more information.

On-Site Services available at the Kawehno:ke Medical Clinic now includes essential appointments, bloodwork by appointment each Wednesday, and immunizations for children on Fridays. Call 613-932-5808 for more information.

Prevention Services consists of virtual programming at this time.

Traditional Medicine will provide services by telephone.
Medicine Deliveries for existing clients can be scheduled by calling 613-575-2341 ext. 3100.

Physiotherapy & Traditional Medicine Healing Sessions are on hold.

• All Patients are screened.
• All staff are screened every day.
• Everyone wears a mask in public spaces.
• Medical staff wear additional PPE.
• Our staff wash their hands frequently, and before and after all patient interactions. Hand sanitizer is available.
• All counselling and exam rooms are cleaned before and after each appointment.
Physical Distancing:
• Everyone stays 6 feet apart, except when needed for medical treatment.
• Virtual Visits Available
• Please call 613-575-2341 ext. 3215 for more information.

1. Arrive On Time:
If you arrive late, you will be rescheduled.
2. Wear Your Mask:
If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one.
3. Park & Call:
Wait in your vehicle in the designated parking spaces.
Call your provider upon arrival.
4. Screening:
You will be screened prior to entering the building
5. Escort:
A staff member will escort you inside the building.

1. Arrive On Time:
If you arrive late, you will be rescheduled.
2. Wear Your Mask:
If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one.
3. Screening:
You will be screened prior to entering the building
4. Escort:
Inform the front desk of your provider’s name.
They will be called and will meet you in the reception area & escort you to your appointment.

The Akwesasne Non-Insured Health Benefits (ANIHB) Program remains operational. To maintain safety community members are encouraged to contact the ANIHB through telephone or through email. Curbside service is available by appointment only for forms and signatures. Forms can also be found on our website at…/akwesasne-non-insured-health-ben…/.

If you have any questions please call (613) 575 – 2341 ext. 3340.

The Home Care/Home Support Program continues to provide services to the community.
All Home Care/Home Support Program staff have their temperatures taken daily and complete a health screening prior to any client visits.

In providing quality services to community members while limiting the risk of exposure to COVID-19 the Home Care Nurses are required to wear full personal protective equipment when they meet with clients. The personal protective equipment worn by the Home Care Nurses includes gown, gloves, surgical masks and face shield. All new clients will be contacted by phone prior to their appointment to review the health and safety protocols for the visit.

The Home Care/Home Support Program follows the health care guidelines and directives being released by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit to ensure the safety of the community members being served.

If you have questions for the Home Care/Home Support Program team call 613-575-2341.

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Department of Health is informing the community that visits to its long-term care homes – Tsiionkwanonhso:te and Iakhihsohtha – have resumed with guidelines in place to protect the health of our residents from the spread of COVID-19. The following are guidelines being implemented for the resumption of visits:
1. All visitors must undergo a screening process before visiting.
2. All visits must be booked by appointment.
3. Visits will take place in outdoor tents, and social distancing must be adhered to.
4. Visits will resume in phases per guidelines of the Ministry of Long-term Care. Phase 1 permits one visit per resident per week. Visits will gradually increase.
5. Families or power of attorneys must coordinate independently to determine who in the family will visit per week.
6. Visits in Phase 1 will be 40 minutes long. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your visit time, to prevent interaction with other visitors.

Additional protocols are being implemented to ensure a safe yet enjoyable visit. We wish to assure the community that restrictions are in place for the protection of your family members, our residents, who we all care deeply for. We look forward to your visit.

If you have any questions, please contact:
• Tsiionkwanonhso:te Activity Director Teresa David: 613-932-1409 ext. 3.
• Iakhihsohtha Activity Supervisor Sue Smoke: 613-575-2507 ext. 3.

Ambulance services remain operational and will be screening all calls. For all emergencies please call Central Dispatch at 613-575-2000. Please be prepared for screening questions.

Optometry has begun to resume services to clients for scheduled appointments. Please call (613)575-2341 ext. 3131. When entering the building staff will escort you to your appointment.

The pharmacy is operational, although not open to the public. The pharmacy staff will provide for curbside service and they can be reached at (613) 575-2341 ext. 3250

The Dental Clinic has begun to resume services to clients for scheduled appointments. Please call (613)575-2341 ext. 3209, a staff member will escort you into the building.