The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Department of Health is proud to announce a strategic reorganization, marking a significant step toward elevating healthcare services and aligning with the evolving needs of our community. This initiative underscores our commitment to continuous improvement, cultural competency, and community-centered care, all while cultivating an environment of adaptability, kindness, respect, and mutual support.


Key Highlights of the Reorganization:


 1. New Leadership

We proudly introduce key leaders who bring not only many years of expertise, but also a deep commitment to empowering each other. Their leadership will play a pivotal role in steering the department towards our goals while embracing change. We welcome the following to their new Associate Director roles:

  • Karole Mitchell – Community Health Services

  • Wennietanoron Oakes – Mental Health & Wellness Services

  • Lesley Bero – Clinical Care Services

  • Chelsea Swamp – Continuing Care Service


 2. Sector Realignment

Responding to the dynamic healthcare landscape, the department has strategically realigned its sectors to provide more client-focused and targeted services. The new structure includes:

  • Health Administration (Sector 1): Strategic leadership focusing on administrative aspects of health services.

  • Community Health Service (Sector 2): Dedicated to community-based healthcare programs and services.
  • Mental Health & Wellness Services (Sector 3): Prioritizing mental health, addiction services, land based healing, traditional medicine and wholistic well-being.
  • Clinical Care Services (Sector 4): Overseeing medical clinics, chronic disease management, and patient navigation with a commitment to cultural competency.

  • Continuing Care Services (Sector 5): Specialized services for the elderly and long-term care.


3. Program Enhancement

Each sector will now have dedicated leadership who will be overseeing and enhancing specific programs critical to our community’s health and well-being. This includes a heightened focus on kindness, respect, support, and ensuring that we uplift one another throughout our healthcare journey.


4. Improved Collaboration

The reorganization aims to encourage greater collaboration among different sectors, resulting in a more integrated approach to healthcare service delivery. Community focus and mutual support will be the cornerstone of our collaborative efforts.


What This Means for the Community:

  • Enhanced Services: The reorganization will streamline operations, resulting in more efficient and effective healthcare services.
  • New Leadership: The community is invited to join us in welcoming our new leaders, whose wealth of experience will contribute to our continued success, integrating compassion and respect into our services.
  • Focused Approach: The realignment ensures a more focused and targeted approach to addressing the diverse healthcare needs of our community.


The Department of Health is committed to ensuring a seamless transition during this period of change. For more information, contact Health Communications Officer Ryan King at