What is the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne?

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, better known as MCA, is a Community Government, which is elected by the residents of the Mohawk Community of Akwesasne. Every three years, four (4) Chiefs are elected from each of the three districts within Akwesasne: Kawehno:ke (Cornwall Island), Kana:takon (St. Regis) and Tsi:Snaihne (Snye).

There are a total of 12 District Chiefs and one Grand Chief who is elected by the entire community. Together, the Chiefs comprise Mohawk Council. They accept political responsibility for specific areas of Community work. They also participate in portfolio committees to achieve community goals.

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne takes responsibility for many areas. There are ten departments within MCA, they include:

  • Akwesashne Mohawk Board of Education
  • Akwesasne Mohawk Police Services
  • Department of Central Resource Services
  • Department of Community and Social Services
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Department of Environment
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Housing
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Technical Services