Come join us on June 3, 2023 from 9 AM to 2 PM at the St. Regis Recreation Center or at our other check-in locations: Adams’ Marina and the A’nonwara’ko:wa Arena.


This year’s event will include a shoreline cleanup (St. Regis and Snye) and a roadside cleanup within Akwesasne.


Pre-registration is encouraged. The online volunteer registration form and liability waiver can be found here:   


A catered meal will be provided at the St. Regis Recreation Center, beginning at 1 PM. Please bring your own plates and cutlery.  


This event is part of a larger initiative of cleanup across the St. Lawrence River, hosted by the MCA Environment Program, River Institute and SRMT Environment Division in partnership with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, Great River Network, Save The River, and Ocean Wise.


For more information, please contact Jacey Hall at or send a message to the MCA Environment Program Facebook page.