Hydro One Networks Inc. (“Hydro One”) is in the process of preparing for the release of an open Request for Proposal (“RFP”) in July 2019.

Hydro One will be seeking qualified suppliers that are capable of supplying 400 Class equipment (UTVs, 8-wheeler ARGOs, snowmobiles) and open deck trailers for daily, weekly and monthly rentals on an as and when required basis.  The successful Proponent(s) must have the internal processes, equipment inventory, and logistics in place to coordinate these rentals and such detail to be included in the RFP proposal. Hydro One is seeking more than one (1) supplier as coverage is need throughout the entire Province of Ontario.

Hydro One service territory will be divided into multiple regions and the proponent will be asked to state in their RFP proposal which region(s) they will be available to service.

Hydro One’s goal is to ensure that it does business with suppliers with experience providing high-quality and reliable service at the most competitive price.

It is important to Hydro One that local Indigenous communities and businesses are included in this opportunity.  As such, Indigenous businesses will be scored favourably in the evaluation of their proposals. Non-Indigenous proponents who demonstrate their commitment by way of partnership with local Indigenous communities/businesses will also be scored favourably in the evaluation of their proposals.

Registering as a Bidder

The RFP will be hosted in the Ariba portal for which you may or may not be already registered.  All current and new suppliers will be required to register and join the Ariba to participate in future sourcing events and to be able to bid on future contracts.

Registered users will be able to view, pick up and submit request for proposals (RFPs) in Ariba.

To receive an invitation to register on Ariba, please send an email to SupplierContact@HydroOne.com and a customer service representative will contact you and guide you through the supplier registration process to set up a supplier profile.

Please note SAP Ariba is only compatible with Google Chrome or IE11 (or later versions).

Additional information on how to participate in Hydro One sourcing events using the Ariba Network and User Guides on Supplier Registration and DocuSign for eSignatures are also available at the following link: https://www.hydroone.com/about/suppliers