The Wholistic Health & Wellness Program’s Traditional Medicine Office will be hosting a virtual Sweetgrass Kit Giveaway for any and all Akwesasronon mothers!

For a chance to win an Ista Sweetgrass Kit, simply answer these 5 questions in the comment section:

  1. Is sweetgrass considered one of the four sacred medicines?
  2. What time of the year do you harvest sweetgrass?
  3. Can sweetgrass be used to make baskets?
  4. Does the sweetgrass lose its smell?
  5. Is sweetgrass used to smudge?


The kits will include sweetgrass lotion, bath bomb, and a candle by Sequoia Soaps!

All names will be entered into a draw and 75 lucky winners will be contacted on Wednesday, May 12 to make arrangements for kit pick-up!