Jordan River Anderson was a First Nation child from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba, born with a rare disorder who required hospitalization from birth. The provincial and federal governments could not agree on who was financially responsible for his care. Jordan’s condition worsened and he passed away in hospital before both governments could resolve who would pay.

Who can apply for assistance?

• Family, caregiver, or worker of child with an unmet need or need not funded by other programs.

• Applies to ALL First Nation Children on or off reserve, with (or eligible for) a registration number.

• 17 years of age and under (until their 18th birthday).

• Inuit.

• Indigenous child residing in a First Nation community and recognized by that community as a member who is NOT eligible for status.

• Indigenous child residing off a First Nation who has a life threatening ailment who is NOT eligible for status.

Examples of services you can apply for:

• Eye care, speech and language, mental health services, orthodontics, assessments, educational supports, technology, assistive devices, special diets/formulas, respite care, transportation, mobility aids, medical supplies, mould remediation.

If you believe you or a family member have a Jordan’s Principle case, please contact the IFN Jordan’s Principle Navigators below:

Leeann Shimoda


Jessica Goodman


To learn more about Jordan’s Principle: