The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Positivity Campaign was held throughout the month of February with the intent being to spread some joy throughout Akwesasne. We received hundreds of entries to our three events, and it has been truly inspiring to see the enthusiasm and happiness in your posts and entries. We wish to thank all of you for your participation and for helping to spread happiness in the community. One small act, for your own well-being or for others, goes a long way. We encourage you to continue making positivity a priority!

For our 28 Days of Positivity event, the prize winners are:
1. Greenhouse: Vienna Thompson (Troy Thompson)
2. Talking Turtle Pack Basket: Kahnekenhawi Thompson
3. Makeover: Kevin Buckshot


For our Let’s Laugh, Akwesasne joke event, the prize winners are:
1. $1000 Visa Gift Card: Braydie (Laura Thompson)
2. $500 Titus Mountain Gift Card: Sara McDonald
3. Nintendo Switch: Declan Tarbell (Brianna Tarbell)


For our Pay it Forward event, the prize winners are:
1. $1000 Jay Peak Resort Gift Card: Shannon Adams
2. $200 Akwesasne Minimart Gift Card: Joni Toulouse-Buckshot
3. Apple iPad Air: Tim Sunday

Remember the winners for this event will receive two of the listed prizes so that they can pay it forward by giving one prize away to a non-relative!


Once again, niawenhkó:wa to all who took part. We look forward to sharing your positive submissions and inspiring others.

Prizes will be ready for pickup on Monday, March 7th. Communications will contact you to confirm your pickup day/time.