The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Department of Health is providing the following updates to the Akwesasne community.


  • Danielle Dubuc’s Optometry Office remains closed at this time; however, staff are checking their messages daily. If a community member is having an eye emergency please call Akwesasne Non-Insured Health Benefit to be referred to the emergency on-call referral optometrists in Cornwall. Akwesasne Non-Insured Health Benefit can be reached at 613-575-2341 ext. 3340.
  • Wholistic Health and Wellness welcomes a new physician to the Primary Care team as part of the physician team for the medical clinics for the next 12 weeks. Dr. Keith Morgan is certified with the college of family physicians, specializing in sports medicine. He will be offering clinics two days a week through the Ontario Telemedicine Network, with appointments scheduled through the Akwesasne Medical Clinic.
  • Community Health continues to actively screening for COVID-19 symptoms. They are also working on logistics to possibly establish a testing clinic in Akwesasne and an update will be provided to the community once this is finalized.
  • Akwesasne Non-Insured Health Benefits are maintaining operations with 4 Benefit Analysts processing claims, but they are not seeing community members on the office at this time. If there are any questions, we ask that community members and providers call the ANIHB office from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, at 613-575-1161 or toll-free at 888-514-1966.



  • Katelyn Fedorak and Janet Brant, NP will be seeing patients at the Kawehno:ke Medical Clinic on an urgent care only basis.
  • Wholistic Health and Wellness Addictions Services continues to refer to detox services – the service providers within networks are following COVID-19 prevention protocols to facilitate in-person services. If someone needs to access these services or to help cope with anxiety please call 613-575-2341 ext. 3109.
  • Wholistic Health and Wellness Mental Health have setup a mental health support line for community members and staff at (844)244-1060 – this is a 24/7 line to reach local mental health workers from Akwesasne. This dedicated line was setup to ensure our community can always reach someone from Akwesasne, if you need it.
  • Department of Health Administration is monitoring the progression of COVID-19 cases in the Eastern Ontario region, and have updated the guidelines as follows:
    • No organized public events and social gatherings of more than five (5) people allowed, effective immediately.  This does not apply to private households with five people or more.
  • Horn’s Medical Clinic is resuming services in the Akwesasne community this week, and will be visiting residents at Iakhihsohtha Lodge and Tsiionkwanonhso:te weekly.
  • Iakhihsohtha Home for the Elderly staff have maintained operations for residents in the facility, and are well stocked with food and supplies – ensuring our Totas are being well taken care of. Staff have been reaching out to resident’s families to keep them updated, setting up FaceTime video conferencing with family when possible. Visit MCA’s Facebook Page for messages from the residents at Iakhihsohtha.
  • Tsiionkwanonhso:te Longterm Care Facility staff have also maintained operations for residents in the facility, and are also well stocked with food and supplies. Staff have been reaching out to resident’s families to keep them updated on the well-being of their loved one.
  • Please be advised that access to the Kanonhkwa’tsheri:io Health Facility is limited to MCA employees only, who will be required to complete a daily health screening for respiratory symptoms before continuing into the building. Please call the front desk at 613-575-2341 and your call will be directed accordingly.
  • Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance is advising community to honestly report their travel history when speaking with emergency medical technicians, 9-1-1, and MCA dispatchers. The Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance service and other first responders will respond to emergency calls even if a person is at risk for COVID-19.
  • Home Care/Home Support hours have changed to: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and they are currently prioritizing palliative care and those with extensive medical needs, as well as client check-ins via phone.
  • Proxim Pharmacy has both delivery and curbside service available at Kanonhkwa’tsheri:io, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you are sick, they ask that you please call ahead to make arrangements at 613-575-1160 or 613-575-2341 – ext. 3250, 3234.
  • Akwesasne Dental Clinic is closed until further notice, and in the event of a dental emergency please contact 613-935-5516.


Kawehno:ke Medical Clinic – (613) 575-2341 ext. 1110 or (613) 932-5808
Akwesasne Medical Clinic – (613) 575-2341 ext. 3215
Wholistic Health & Wellness 24/7 Support Line – (844) 244-1060