The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne has officially licensed the first businesses in the community to enter the recreational cannabis industry. Two retailers and one cultivator have been licensed in compliance with the Akwesasne Interim Cannabis Regulation and thorough application process.
“We have received several applications for licensing throughout the past year and we appreciate our business community’s patience as our staff worked to develop the required processes for safety and accountability,” said Grand Chief Abram Benedict. “We know that many businesses have worked hard to ensure their operation meets the requirements for health and safety which was our first and foremost priority. Additional licensing will continue and we support the growth of our economy, addition of jobs, and influx of outside dollars that will help businesses thrive.”
The licensed cannabis businesses are:
• Green Chief Naturals, located at 341 Island Road, Kawehno:ke (Cornwall Island).
• Island Flower, located at 155 Akwesasne International Road, Unit #5, Kawehno:ke (Cornwall Island).
• Bright Sky Growers, located on Kawehno:ke (Cornwall Island) – Cultivator
MCA wishes to acknowledge that these businesses abided by the necessary requirements and lengthy application process in accordance with their community’s interest in having a regulated cannabis industry. Any other cannabis businesses operating in the territory are unlicensed, unregulated and there can be no assurances of their safety or legitimacy.
These licensed businesses have also entered into community contribution agreements which will provide benefits to the community at large, which unlicensed cannabis businesses do not contribute to.
Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in October, 2018. Through a public survey and formal agenda item at the May 2018 MCA General Meeting, Council accepted direction from the community that a regulated cannabis industry was necessary to protect the health and safety of Akwesasne. In order to circumvent risks associated with an unregulated cannabis industry, MCA adopted the Akwesasne Interim Cannabis Regulation on October 17, 2018. The regulation provides a formal process for cannabis oversight while an official law can be developed through the community’s Akwesasne Legislative Enactment Regulation process. The cannabis law continues to be in development.
The Akwesasne Interim Cannabis Regulation, which can be read at, indicates the criteria for cultivating, selling and transporting recreational cannabis. The regulations stipulate, in part, that:
• No person under 18 is permitted to possess cannabis.
• Cannabis must be purchased from a licensed dispensary.
• Cannabis may only be transported to Tsi Snaihne and Kana:takon by watercraft, utilizing an approved route.
• Any person who wishes to produce, sell or distribute cannabis must be licensed to do so by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.
The community is encouraged to review the full Akwesasne Interim Cannabis Regulation and ensure that any cannabis-related activity is conducted in accordance with the stipulations of this regulation.
Applications for cannabis licenses continue to be accepted and processed. Please contact the Economic Development office at 613-575-2250 Ext. 1805 for more information.
For more information contact:
Mohawk Government Office
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